Embarking on your journey with the PariPesa affiliate program is effortlessly straightforward for any sports enthusiast in Canada. To initiate your venture with the esteemed online bookmaker PariPesa, it’s essential to undergo a swift registration process first. Here’s how you can become an affiliate:

  1. Sign up on the PariPesa website: Complete the registration form by providing essential details such as your username, password, preferred language, personal information, and payment method. Ensure all fields are accurately filled to proceed successfully.
  2. Select your earning model: Assess the three available earning models within the PariPesa affiliate program and choose the one that aligns best with your preferences and goals.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions: Before finalizing your affiliation, carefully review and accept the terms and conditions of the PariPesa partners program to ensure compliance and understanding.

Following these three simple steps will set you on the path to earning money through the affiliate program promptly.

How to Attract Clients in Betting Affiliate Programs?

To kickstart your journey as a PariPesa affiliate, your objective will be to enlist new users to the platform who engage in betting activities. Achieving this can be accomplished by enticing potential clients through referral links and promotional offers. Here’s how you can attract new users using a promo code:

  • Generate a promotional code within your account.
  • Offer the coupon code to new users, linking them to your account for referral earnings.
  • Utilize promo codes to access enticing bonus deals, making the offer more appealing to prospective bettors.

PariPesa stands out as one of the best sports betting affiliate programs, largely due to the attractive bonuses it extends to visitors.


Utilizing Referral Links

Working with referral links is a straightforward process. You can generate unique links to the sportsbook and casino online affiliate program within your account and distribute them online. These links will be tracked within your account, enabling you to monitor interactions and new user sign-ups.


Determining Customer Rewards

Different types of sports betting affiliate programs offer varying rewards based on the chosen earning model. For instance, opting for a CPA program entails receiving a payment each time a new subscriber registers through your referral link. Similar principles apply to other affiliation plans.


Withdrawing Earnings from PariPesa Partners

PariPesa boasts one of the highest-paying casino affiliate programs, underscoring the importance of seamless withdrawal processes. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $30, and earnings must accumulate to this sum before withdrawal. Various payment methods are available, catering to diverse preferences, including electronic wallets, cryptocurrency solutions, and bank transfers.


Structure and Remuneration in the Casino Affiliate Program

The PariPesa partners program caters to both sports enthusiasts and casino aficionados. Established in 2019, it offers participants real money incentives for promoting the betting platform and attracting new users, making it a promising avenue for affiliate marketers in Canada.

PariPesa affiliate program
PariPesa affiliate program
PariPesa affiliate program

PariPesa affiliate


A betting site affiliate program allows users to earn money for marketing their products or services to other people. For example, the PariPesa program provides commissions for partners for referring new users to the site.

Choosing betting affiliate programs is similar to picking betting sites. It is important to evaluate the betting provider first. Start by learning about the quality of the services and the reputation of the brand. Try to evaluate the program itself after finding a reliable provider. See the amount of commissions and check if there are any convenient payout methods.

There are different types of betting affiliate programs based on the betting affiliates earnings solutions. One type offers money for each new player referred to the website. The second type provides commissions based on the earnings of referred users. And the third type is a combination of two of these affiliate program kinds.

As there are different betting affiliate programs, users can also discover various betting websites. Betting sites can be divided into different categories based on various characteristics. For example, there are sports betting websites dedicated to specific types of sports, such as soccer, football, basketball, tennis, and more. Alternatively, sports betting platforms can offer different services, such as some of the best casino affiliate programs, betting on digital sports, or even betting on non-sports events.